Mentorship ideas

Please :pray: i really need a mentor or a coach does anyone know how i can get one ?

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Hi, uche62,
If you can find a mentor - great!
But if you can’t, read some of Van Tharps’ books. Also there is an Education tab here.
I personally use whatever gives me a level to enter and exit (like pull backs in trends found with trend lines, moving averages, or just candle patterns.) I know these things work as my win ratio over the last several years is ~56% and risk/reward is ~1.63. After identifying a simple system that works for you, it’s just a matter of money management - and - finding opportunities!


Nice point thanks

Hello, I think baby pips is having excellent contents to learn and grow.In forex what i find is proper leverage and risk to reward ratio is very important .


Hello uche62! It’s really hard to find good mentor. But while you’re looking, spend your time learning with the free resources available. Good luck!


Thats true and i think am over leveraging my self :sweat:

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Thanks :blush: a lot

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You can go for some online courses on babypips and start learning. Learning forex trading will take time and you need to have patience. There are many mentors but for that you need to do good research. You can also learn from different forums and practice what you’ve learned side by side on a demo account.

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there is no way to avoid the importance of mentor , but the main problem is , its very difficult to find real mentor , in online most of them are found to be scams.


What do you expect to get from a mentor? What is your purpose in looking for a mentor?

Gather as much knowledge as you can from all the freely available resources then post questions here for things that you don’t follow specifically. I think the community is kind enough to collectively provide you the benefits of a mentor.

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well i actually want him/her to be more of a coach and helper to me on how i can trade the market better

Good mentors usually cost a lot of money and they are hard to find. Instead of spending time searching for a mentor, try do investigate some trading strategies on Forex forums and see how they fit on demo account.

Follow babypips. They have great information for the newbies and can build their basics as far as trading goes.Start trading with low capital in the beginning to evaluate the behaviour of the market along with rewards and returns and you shall get an idea of how it works. Hope it is Helpful!

Finding a legitimate mentor in the forex is difficult. There are some real gems though if you are persistent and first gain a basic understanding of the concept of how things work. Baby Pips and the Forex Peace Army are the ones I used for good free basic training if you are 100% sure you want to get into forex, learn the basics, and immerse yourself in the subject which you can do for free.

Hey there! If you’re not able to find a mentor, you can learn a lot by taking the pipsology course of babypips.

It’s good that you are looking for a mentor. But I still think that you must focus on learning yourself first so that you have an idea about what your mentor is telling you.

Post your stats and you might find one.