How do I go about finding a mentor in forex trading? I have been searching for years for another way to make my living and I always find my way back to forex. I have never traded real money only practice accounts. But there is something that intrigues me about forex. I like that I can make money on my own terms day or night. I am a hard worker and just want to figure it out. I’m doing all the schooling on here but I am really looking for someone that can help pull it all together with me so I can develop a reliable trading plan. This is not a plea for someone to help me, I just want to know where the fx community found their mentors!

Check out Vlad from He was my mentor for a few months and the experience was positive.:45:

I suggest you forget mentors for now and complete the school. To get the best out of a mentor, if that’s really what you want, its better to at least have some prior knowledge so you don’t end up paying for stuff thats available free anyway. I see you used to follow Branco, you saw how that ended with his thread getting closed.
You’ve got good results in the school quizzes so far, finish your studies and you’ll know how to make your own trading plan.
In the meantime, if your looking for a stable, reliable system to get started with, try the 3 ducks system on here.