Meta Trader on HTC Touch HD

Hi Peeps,

I am using Meta Trader for mobile on HTC Touch HD which comes with WinMo 6.1. I am having problems scrolling on the chart, is there anyone who has managed to get round this.


Have you got autoscroll on?

I got touch diamond which is nearly the same, seems to work ok, but had to delete the autoupdate.exe which crashes the thing.

thanks for the response. Yes I have the auto scroll enabled. I have turned it off but i can’t seem to be able to scroll still.

forgot to ask where is this autoupdate.exe

It’s in the program files > metatrader, but I’d leave it unless it causes you trouble. I tried to get ‘support’ but it doesn’t exist

Hmm, what happens when you scroll? So I’m clear, autoscroll should be unchecked.

Im thinking of getting a touch diamond to use metatrader 4 on do you recommend it? how good are the graphics?
what are your thoughts on htc touch diamond in general? you must have a extended battery?

I think the HD is basically the same but just bigger screen- so yes, graphics are crisp, the extended battery + scratch cover are essential but other than that, works fine.


I have autoscroll unchecked but its not making any difference

what problems r u having exactly? which ver r u using?

i am using mt4 223 on HD … evverything ok

Thanks trading801 for your response.

I’ve got build 214 from Alpari Uk. The exact problem I am having is that I am unable to scroll to the left on the charts

another opionion I heard from a workmate is that maybe the reason why I can’t scroll is because its showing all the available data. hopefully tonight I compare against my htc kaiser and see if there is any big difference