Meta Trader problem

I have a problem with EUR/USD 15 min charts…
At 9.45 ATM as you can see in the chart attachment, the close price register 13.5398 !!! obviusly an error, but the problem is now all the normal prices cant be normally drawn (only a red-green line) because the error price wrong the candles chart
Curiusly, that price is only registered in 15 min chart, but not in other time frames
Did anyone have this problem??, how can I correct it?

Thanks in advance

I hope this is a demo account. I had a similar problem with a demo account I had with Crown Forex. My EURUSD chart registered some crazy candle and I was getting something like you are seeing. In an email I told them I was interested in opening an account with them but not if this was the kind of data they were going to provide. They told me they fixed the server and the problem was resolved. I haven’t used their data since. I’m still using MT4 charts and I did not see that “spike”.

probably server problems. or you can try reinstalling metatrader =\

Thanks for your reply post.
Luckly the problem was in demo… I really like MT4 as a trader platform, but although my own search I couldnt find a reliable broker who work with MT4 (there are so many opposed opinions about everyone)… Any live opinion?
By now I will open an account at OANDA (better trading characteristics but sadly with a poor trading platform )


try EFX Group

EFX Group - More About EFX Group

although their s/w’s UI takes some getting used to, they seem to be what you want, i.e. not an FCM that will manipulate the feed and use your position info against you.

and for your own sake, stay away from CMS–in all sense of the word, trading w/ them is playing russian roulette.