MetaMaster: The Semi-Auto Expert Advisor

MetaMaster : the semi-auto expert advisor that combines technology with your trading skills for success! With control over Stop Loss function, traders can win more than 70% traders.

Making money in Forex trading is not an easy task because 90% currency traders only lose money in this business. In order to pull profits out of currency market all currency traders must use their trading skills with expert advisor. Many traders do not realize the fact that the FX market is dynamic.

Almost all traders want to trade the currency market on a daily basis, but not every day is a good trading day. This means, if there is news time or market is not trending mode you must turn of trading system and must stay out of the market. (322.4 KB)

Helloooo! :blush: I think you’ve posted quite a good number of EAs, but I just got curious. Do you actually use them or try them out? :open_mouth: