Metastock Pro

I apologize if this question has been asked before. Is there any broker at all that will allow the use of Metastock pro(realtime) software. If i want to use a data subscription its gonna cost around 12/1300 bux a year ! thats ridiculous, surely there is a broker who will let you tap into their data to run this software, its a customer after all. I’ve done lots of searches but cant find any, surely someones done it by now, thank you a lot if you could help me.

Surely there has to be 1, any brokers scanning the site ? Let me know if you do.

You need to be a bit more patient. Your first post was just before midnight on Sunday (London time) and your 2nd before 9.00am Monday.
Most European and US members would have been away from their screens

Yeah, sorry, the international time thing. It just puzzles me as to why brokers don’t do this, i keep thinking why wouldn’t you ? They all have fully functional charts with indicators and live data etc surely they could accommodate customers who wish to use the software of their choosing. I’ve seen most brokers have a thing called API but i’m not a programmer, it needs to be simple so the average Joe can get it working.

Have you tried asking any of the big brokers on here? Take a look in the brokers section and paste your question there, might get lucky

Thanks for responding, i appreciate it. I thought this was the broker section ? If i click on brokers and tools i see a whole list of brokers with their own sub forum, is that what you mean ? I wouldn’t know where to start other than copy and paste into every single one of them, i was thinking maybe they keep an eye on this part of the forum but i’m prepared to do that if you think it will help.

Hi, sorry about that, hadn’t realised you were in the right area.
I dont know if all the broker reps look anywhere else, but if you look here you’ll see individual broker sections where you could copy and paste your question