Hello traders,

What do you think about MetaStock End-of-Day release? I am a swing trader and I need a better system for backtesting trading systems and apply trading ideas.

For MetaStock users, is it easy to give the program some trading criteria and the program executes winning/losing trades or performance of trading criteria in past data?

Thank you!

I’ve used Metastock for at least a decade now - the eod version. Great for being able to take a longer-term view since so many trading platforms only go out as far as daily charts. Great for creating custom indicators if that’s your thing. Great for backtesting. Setting up and testing a trading system is pretty easy. Lots of documentation to help.

If you decided to go that route, take a look at this page. It’s an offer they set up as a promotion for folks who bought my book when it came out last year. Might be that you could get a better price that way.

I use Metastock EOD as well. I’ve been using the monthly subscription version for $59.00/month. I like it very much, I am still learning how to backtest with it. There is excellent documentation and their customer service is very friendly. I would recommend you give it a try, the price is very fair for EOD data on almost everything. You can cancel at any time with the subscription version.