Metatrader 4 Android Question


I just got a tablet and installed Metatrader 4 for android on it.

I got all my indicators and everything set up except for one thing, horizontal lines.

How do you draw horizontal lines in this app? I hope there is a way to do this since indicators are available.

You cant. MT4 for Android cannot (currently) draw objects on charts.

That’s pretty lame. You would think that one of the largest trading terminals would have basic features for its mobile versions.

Oh well, at least MT4 mobile has a nice foundation, they just need to keep working on it.

True, it was one of the first things that “just not fit in”.
But since they recently have added indicators (yes, some previous versions did not even had indicators!) we can assume they keep on updating the mobile version.

The windows CE version has been awesome!! charts, colors, objects, indicators… etc, etc…
(Only thing lacking was custom indicators and expert advisors of course)

Can’t shoot down MT4 for the yet to be fully developed mobile platform.
When I first installed it on android, it looked quite horrible. now they have got cross-hairs…much better
definitely much better


Yeah, if they improved MT4 for android just a bit more, it would be perfect. I’m only asking for maybe vertical and horizontal lines. Also maybe the ability to change the background color, change the candle color, show ask price line, and be able to count pips with the crosshair (can do this in MT5, but not MT4), and that’s pretty much it.

Wait what, when did they add indicators to their mobile versions? Lol huzzah! I can finally use my ipad to trade. I wasn’t using it before cause i couldn’t use custom indicators. :confused:

You can actually draw lines. I do that on my mobile

Not sure if it would be similar to MT4 on IPhone but I guess it should be somewhat similar. On IPhone tap on chart then got drawing tools on right hand side 6th icon from top. The icon is a circle, triangle and square. Once you tap on that icon you should get the choice to Add Object. Tap on Add Object and gives you all the drawing options.