Metatrader 4 - default history (tool > options > max bars)

With M1 charts I’m finding a default history of about 1 month, before I cannot scroll any further to the left (unless I increase the timeframe e.g. to M5).

2 questions:

  • is this standard for most Metatrader 4/5 terminals?
  • is there any way to go further back now?

Please recommend,


You could change the max history bars, but that applies to all charts and has a performance impact when starting up and changing indicators. To scroll to the left on a single chart, just keep pressing the left arrow or home key. That will load up the bars you want, until you reach the broker’s limit. Alternatively, you could hit the enter key and enter the date of the desired bars.

Hi my broker’s limit s ~1month. I downloaded Metatrader from Metaquotes. If you create an account afterwards (I read you have to for it to work) & go to history centre you can download a currency pair from Metaquotes history (automatically by program). I’m not sure if it is limited to one currency pair history as afterwards the files didn’t download for others.

The file downloaded into the directory history > downloads in the Metaquotes MT4 demo and I’m 99% sure it backdated the time history (relative to another currency pair) though when I copied & pasted into my broker’s it didn’t update the history so not sure if there’s additional steps needed… (anyone)? There probably is but tonight I don’t want to risk trial & error & delete anything from my own brokers data for the moment…

I also tried a GainCapital .csv (on a currency pair I don’t use) file though this didn’t take either.

I will probably compare the program directories of Metaquotes & my own broker & see if I’m missing anything inbetween. If anyone has tried & tested this method please contribute.