MetaTrader 4 Moving Average Crossover

Hello there, I currently have a Moving Average Crossover Alert in MT4, but want it to only send the signal when the crossover touches the candle - is there a way to do this, thanks, any help would be helpful

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Its a feature of MA cross-overs is that they bear little relation to where price is or the range of the latest price candle. And the “gap” can be very large. It can take a long time for price to reach the same level as the crossover - are you sure this is still going to give you the best opportunity?

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thanks for the reply, with this I will be getting less signals, but I only plan on taking a couple a month, is there a way to do this on MT4?

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It could be the momentum indicators like the average directional index, or the moving average convergence divergence that usually indicates a forthcoming change on the market direction prior to the price moves. You can work around with this indicator since it’s quite useful in marking whether the market has topped, bottomed or is preparing to make a leap. It’s always good to be prepared.

I wonder why you want to restrict the signal option. It’s quite useful actually to receive a notification in MA crossover situations that could turn out to be great trading opportunities for you. I’ve been trading on the MT4 platform for years now and the alert has helped me in both trend following and reversal strategies.

Also I would say: why don’t you consult your broker’ support team? Other than this, I feel the indicator is quite flexible and you can change the settings. Which broker’s platform do you use? I guess the settings are different. Like I trade on MT4 platforms of 2 different brokers etoro and fxview and there’s a slight difference in the functionality and parameters like the moving average periods, color and size of the chart’s signals, and notifications to name a few.