MetaTrader 4...taking too long to register. Need help

I’ve had this on my computer screen for almost 20 minutes. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but I entered in all of my data in the previous screen. However, I took a shower & came back, and it’s still at the registration screen? Does anybody know how long this is going to take?

This is normal as FXCM hates to give out
MT4 demo accounts. I was only able
to get one demo out of them. They
are still struggling with MT4. And they
only care about people who will actually
plunk down the money for their lousy
mini account only mini account they offer.

Hello sir,

Sorry I can not give you an answer to this but I experienced the same problems.

For almost a year I had a demo account at North Finance which was working fine then all of a sudden one day I could not get any connection to MT4. I deleted the software and applied for another account but then I experienced the same problem that you are facing now, freezing up on that screen.

I tried to register and install MT4 from ODL securities but faced the same problem again. I have no Idea why this is happening and I gave up. I thought it was due to a problem on my computer until I read your post.

A friend of mine installed MT4 from FXopen and it is working fine but I dont know how he managed to do that. Any answers are welcome.


I have no problems opening a demo account with Fxpro and ODL. Maybe all of you try opening a demo account with these two brokers and see whether is there any problems.:slight_smile:

just download the platform direct from metatrader…unlimited time accounts, registration. Only problem is when you register behind a firewall.
if that is case then in options you tick the box to enable proxy server and then enter the server address in then it should work…i do that at work with my laptop…but with the same laptop at home i unclick the enable proxy box and can log in.

actually as jonnhfx stated FXCM dont do metatrader demos as it is not there preferred platform…it is easy enough to get it anywhere else though…direct from metatrader…

Do you have a link to the download of FXPro? When I type in “fxpro” into google there are many sites with similar domain names, and I’m not sure which one to download from…:slight_smile:

As always the best source is the creator themselves.
Get a copy of metatrader directly from MetaQuotes.
Link Nazis in here will delete any and all links.
Just Google MetaQuotes and you can get it
from the creators of MT platform. Don’t
bother trying to demo FXCM. Not worth it.
Pick one listed on metaquotes mt4 and pick
a demo from that instead.

Johnny, thanks for the message. I downloaded FXPro actually, and it’s not that bad. Ironically, it looks exactly the same as MT4.

Btw, is the market closed on holidays? Whenever I open the program up, the charts are not moving at all…:confused:

Ya, all brokers will resume business
starting on 1/2/2009. All brokers
offering MT4 as their primary platforms
will all just brand MetaQuote’s MT4
but they are all MT4 platforms.