Metatrader 4

Hi there !!! Can i use metatrader 4 on etoro ???

Yes, you can use metatrader 4 on etoro. Metatrader 4 is the most prominent trading platform and due to this all prominent brokers offer metatrader trading.

Thanks, but how can i do that. I have a real account with etoro and meta trader 4 but i want to use them together !!!

95% of traders lose, and take a guess at the rate is which MT4 is used? about 95%,

odd, huh

eToro MT4 Trading Platform – FAQ

General Information
•Minimum Transaction Size: 10,000 units
•Maximum Transaction Size: 50,000,000 units
•Type of Order Execution: STP
•Rollover Type: Swap
•Leverage: 1:100
•Minimum Deposit: 20,000 USD
•Deposit Currency: USD

Wow, those are high requirements. Do you have $20k? Their spread on the fiber is more expensive than the aussie (2.5 vs 2.2).

Wow! I didn’t see that. It would be interesting to see on how many people would sign up for that.

You’re never a loser until you quit trying.

Nobody who wants to trade seriously would choose etoro as their ‘broker’ (quotation marks, because etoro is more of an online casino than a ‘broker’), especially not with 20k.

If you like MT4, look for a proper broker to trade with, is my advice.


Tanks, what do you think of alpari uk ??