MetaTrader 4

So… after MANY demo accounts and different platforms I’ve decided that the MetaTrader 4 software is my optimal trading tool. However, the broker I was using with MetaTrader 4 was NorthFinance and I dont want to open a live account with them because they are offshore and not regulated. Anyone know of any good brokers in the U.S. who’s base platform is MetaTrader 4?

I am not 100% sure where Oanda is based, but many use them with MetaTrader, they are large and safe.

They use Java base software… :eek:

MetaTrader is the best one. Its safe, comfortable and user friendly.
I am doing Live with North Finance. They are good enough for me.

You can try these following companies located in US and use MetaTrader4 Platform:

FX Solutions
Orion Brokers

Good Luck !! :cool:

What is wrong with Java… I have never had a problem with it. Just curious if I am lucky with no problems, or if you have a reason why you don’t like it ?

Well I don’t have any problem with Java…
I am used to MetaTrader. Its comfortable, user friendly and faster then Java platform. :slight_smile:

Fair enough :slight_smile:

What does MT run off of ?