Metatrader 5

it seems i cannot use metatrader 5 with fxcm is that true? could you make it available with your accounts? also do you charge commission if so how much? thank you so much.

Hi financial wave rider,

Thanks for your questions. We offer Metatrader 4, but we do not offer Metatrader 5 at this time. Do you currently use the MT5 platform? For any of the products we offer, it really depends on the amount of demand there is for it.

FXCM does not charge a commission on the standard accounts. Your cost for trading is the spread which includes a pip mark-up that acts as FXCM’s compensation. You can find a list of the average spreads on our website here.

If your account balance is at least $50,000 or you transact at least 10 million in notional volume per month, you could qualify for the active trader program. Active trader accounts have a reduced spread plus commission which is designed to lower the overall transaction cost by about 1 pip. If you think you would meet the minimum account balance or transaction requirements, you can find more information about active trader here Active Trader, Forex Demo Account, Forex Agency Execution | FXCM.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hi Jason,

I downloaded MT5 and seems to work fine with the demo account?

Hi Jason,

I downloaded MT5 and seems to work fine with the demo account?

Hi Krravi,

It could be that MetaQuotes has made it possible for you to use MT5 to connect to a demo server, but the platform isn’t supported by FXCM. That means you may not see all the currency pairs on your demo, and live trading is not available through the platform. Was there a particular feature that interested you in MT5 that you couldn’t find on the platforms FXCM offers?

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One too many!

Their tester is amazing. MT4 is getting on my nerves now that I am playing with it. MT5 multi core support by itself is an amazing feature. Add cloud computing to that… your can backtest and save sooo much time!

Do you have any idea when FXCM will implement MT5?

It all depends on the level of demand we see from traders for this platform, and I have noted your interest :slight_smile:


Changing a platform is a huge endeavor and I understand that. But I love your FXCM Apps and EA’s. Would FXCM at the very least release their EA’s on the MT5 platform so we can at least use MT5 for backtesting which is way faster.

Believe it or not, I just changed brokers from to FXCM last week. Not that anything was wrong with, its that FXCM seems to show more support for MT platform with your App store and such.


I’m glad you’re enjoying the tools available at and have passed your suggestion onto our programmers regarding possibly making EA’s available for MT5 :57:

So is MT5 available for use with fxcm now then?

FXCM has no plans to offer MT5 at this time, but I’ll post an update in this thread should that change. :slight_smile:

Hi I deposited money on MQL 5 but i though the money i deposited will appear on Meta Trader 5, How do I deposit money to get the trade started?, or could i transfer that money?.. PLEASE Help me i wanna get started, Also my account do i need to create a new one?

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You said you “deposited money on MQL 5”, but you have posted this question in the FXCM section of the forum. Do you have a trading account with FXCM?

My MT4 connection is sometimes freezing, is this due to my memory issues on my pc or is it down to internet trafic through your server, I have given up trying to use my ipad with MT4, just to slow.

Hi Makatibandit,

I have received no recent reports of connection issues on our end and have been using on my own MT4 account without any problems.

Based on your forum username, I’m guessing that you live in Makati, Philippines. Note that FXCM’s servers are in the US, so if you experience freezing frequently, it may have something to do with how well data can travel between your PC in the Philippines and our servers in the US.

Do you automate your trades on MT4 using an EA? If so, one solution would be for you to use a co-located virtual private server (VPS). Running your trading platform from inside the VPS would be like sending your orders from a computer right next door to our servers. Using a VPS has the added advantage that your platform can run 24 hours a day, even when your own computer is turned off or disconnected from the internet.

Another factor that could be causing your MT4 platform to freeze could be the complexity of the calculations being performed by your EAs and indicators. How many EAs and indicators are you running and on how many charts? Does the freezing occur at all times, or only when prices are updating rapidly such as during a news event. Note that frequent price updates mean that your platform has to do more calculations per second for all the indicators and EAs you have running on your charts.

i have 16 charts open, stochastic oscillators and bollinger bands open on all. seems to freeze most often close to us market opening but also at other times of the day, thanks for the info.

It’s my pleasure, MB :slight_smile:

With 16 charts running, the freezing could be due to all the computations that have to be performed by your platform for each EA/indicator you have running. Consider reducing the number of charts you have open. You could save multiple chart profiles (4 profiles of 4 charts each). That way you only have 4 charts running at one time, and can switch between groups of charts by changing between your saved profiles.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then using a VPS may be the way to go.

If FXCM allowed the MT5 platform I would have opened an account two weeks ago. Ill wait however long I must.

Welcome to BabyPips, Ryan and thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

We may consider additional platforms based on trader demand. Is there a particular feature of MT5 that you cannot find with the platforms FXCM offers?