MetaTrader - change service providers

Quick question for you MetaTrader power users…

I’d like to get MT4 that’s all wired up with Oanda’s now that they offer it. (perhaps just Oanda’s demo account) Can I do that somehow with an MT4 install that is setup with an alpari demo?

If not… If I have have to uninstall MT4 and re-install it with the Oanda bundle… can I at least export my chart preferences / application profiles first and load them into the fresh install of MT4?

This is my pet peeve - large obnoxious brokers like oanda and dukascopy that believe they are so large and their propietary platform is so well accepted that they refuse to adapt to developing technologies. MT4 is a perfectly sound, valuable tool developed right here in Boston. It’s the industry standard. Yet Dukas and Oanda want us to relearn an entirely new trading platform just to be a customer.

I only deal with brokers who have have ECN MT4 platforms. If Dukas and oanda don’t want my money, fine. I’m only a small trader; but my money (what little there is) is mine and I’ll direct it to brokers who respect my needs and cater to my preferences, not vice versa.

Oanda offers MT4 support now.

(which is why I want to know if I can change the service provider in the MT4 app - or if I have to keep the one that was default with the install)