Metatrader help please

Just started using Metatrader charts for the first time. It doesn’t seem like the most user friendly of software in my opinion so far and I’m struggling to find an answer to a couple of questions I have:

  1. How do I draw fibonacci extension levels (I’ve figured out the retracements finally)
  2. I know how to move the charts from left to right but how can I move the charts up and down. so I have more room for viewing without shrinking the candlesticks to a tiny unreadable size using the magnifier reducing tool.

I tried using the help section but it doesn’t seem to give much away from what I see.

Thanks in advance!


i believe the fibonacci extension levels are the same as the fibonacci expansion levels (someone correct if I am wrong). In that case, go to “insert” (on the menu bar), then you should see a list…go to down to Fibonacci and another submenu appears…it’s listed as “expansion”

i am not sure how to scroll up or down…i just use the different time frames or zoom out to see the bigger picture or a larger area…