Metatrader Help

Hi All,
Can I start by saying that this is by far the most informative site I have ever come across in regards to learning about forex (So all you newbies, get to school)!
I have been reading up on forex for around 6 months now and am going to start testing a system from next week (I start 3 months leave from work…Yay). On reading this forum, I notice that Metatrader is mentioned quite often. Can someone please confirm the following?

  • Is it a free, downloadable trading platform?
  • What are the main differences between Metatrader and other trading platforms (I am currently using FXCM)?
  • Is MT4 the same thing?
  • Can I open a demo account using Metatrader?
  • Is the main benefit of Metatrader the fact that you can program your own indicators and run back-testing?
  • Anything else I should know about Metatrader?
    Any help would be appreciated

This sounds more like a TV commercial! Pretty clever way to advertise!

Very well! I am thankful for the people of this forum for being helpful. I meant no harm, just trying to be silly. If I have offended I apologize and ask for your forgiveness.:frowning:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Did you see the [U]Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Builder[/U] thread?

Forex Forum > Main Discussion > Newbie Island > Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Builder

I’ll move it up again. Maybe there is something there for you.

How long do you guys usually stay on the training programs before you start trading?

If you can’t find the alert on any site than you can always edit the code. Just right click on the indicator and choose Modify, then look through the code to find the alert line and add the below code underneath it. Then choose Compile and try it out. I would backup the file from the indicator folder first in case you mess it up.

SendMail(“My alert had been triggered GET UP!!!”,“Long”);