MetaTrader is stealing your password?

Is this common? I have installed MetaTrader on both PC and Laptop.

Months ago, I had this message on my PC.

I choose to block app without taking a screenshot, and today I get the same message on my laptop.

It goes,
terminal.exe is trying to access your passwords in Google Chrome.

Warned by avast.

So you have avast software installed and running–you did that?

Never had any issues with Metaquotes software stealing anything. It’s probably malware trying to trick you.

Yes Avast on both PC and Laptop. Malware hmmm.

Couldn’t thought of any software I installed on both PC, Opera Browser, Steam, Avast Premium.

And MT4.

I have a firewall monitor all incoming and outgoing connection, moderate them and couldn’t find any culprit.

The warning doesn’t comes up occasionally, like only once after few months of installing.

I don’t know, I don’t randomly install stuff on my PC.

I sometimes get to be like you, but it’s not due to malware warning. It was blocked by my supplier because there was an intruder. To me, anti-virus software and malware are all crooks. because, I think that viruses and malware are from anti-virus and malware software companies that have created and that way they can sell their software.
Be aware of some antivirus software that automatically installs on your computer. they are programmed and try to run in the background if the consumer is not tech-savvy

When I logged in Chrome, I was alerted a bleach of security on my password and suggest I should change all my password! But I don’t use Chrome. :smiley:

You can’t say exactly to the point that the existence of anti virus is essentially a scam, many benefited from it.


I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s most likely just some virus trying to hack into your computer in this way.
I don’t think a well-known program like that would do that kind of thing. But this is where we clearly see the importance of having a powerful antivirus. Anything can happen in life.

If you install an EA or indicator that “allows dll”, it can use any windows api function.