MetaTrader MACD

I have a question for the users of this program. Is it possible to display a EMA MACD instead of the default SMA one? I can’t use the Cowabunga system whithout the EMA MACD! :frowning:

I dont believe so although someone may have programmed a custom indicator for it. Netdania has a good but very simple programme which I use for the Cowabunga

Here is a custom one that I use. It uses a 12 & 26 EMA and a 9 SMA for the signal line. If you want to look at it just unzip the file into the folder below, then restart MT4. You can then add it by choosing “Insert / Indicators / Custom / MACD”


C:\Program Files\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts\indicators (866 Bytes)