Metatrader Mobile

Hi folks,

I’m thinking of getting a PDA/cell phone for on-the-go trading (yes i am addicted). Anybody have experience on how Metatrader Mobile performs, and how limited it is compared to the PC version?

Also, how is the trading speed? I know it is dependent on your internet service provider but I’m also looking at how quick/slow the program is in drawing charts and sending out trades/updating price movement. I’m going to be on Alpari UK so maybe if anyone has relevant experience with them that’d help too.

What about any recommendations for PDA device? I’m thinking of a decent sized touchscreen, with hopefully support for HSDPA. if not 3G will suffice.

Thanks for the help!

I have been using it for two years now. I recently purchased the AT&T Tilt phone.

The platform works very well.


  1. It will drain your battery down very quickly. You can not leave your cell phone logged in all day w/o having a charger hooked to it.
  2. You can not run EAs or custom indicators on it.

Here is what I do. I actually carry two phones with me. One has unlimited text messaging. I keep my home PC on with the indicators or EAs that I want on them. I have the text messages go out to my TEXT CELL PHONE, then depending on the text message I receive I decide if I want to boot up MT4 on my TILT CELL PHONE and place or modify a trade.

3G is good, if it hooks through Edge I have has requotes.

DO NOT try to trade news releases. I logged it into a demo account just to try it out…NASTY.

Let me know if you need more info.

thanks for the info. i got myself an i-mate 8502. a little buggy and a little slow when the stupid programs minimize instead of close. windows must think we have super phones.
anyway, MTmobile seems to work fine on it. i’ll be testing the demo speed and comparing it when the markets open later :slight_smile:

Hello Friends,

I have heard about Metatrader mobile but i have not used it. I have heard that it is a very nice software and having good features.

Hello Money Duck,

If it is too much expensive then i will have to thing for it should i go for it or not.

i tried metatrader mobile on my imate 8502, works very well. has every indicator i need and more (unfortunately cannot add custom indicators). sure doesnt beat working on a PC, but it keeps mobility. response rate ranges, but that’s the thing with my wifi. just be sure to turn your wifi to performance mode and not the default in-between-power-save-and-performance-mode.
good software i must say, although the tech support for MT is poor.

I’ve wanted to trade on-the-go but have always been too worried of connection issues happening at inopportune moments. This has happened to me trading stocks when the wifi suddenly drops.

I will have to check out Metatrader Mobile, that would be awesome to have something reliable. :smiley:

I have Metatrader Mobile and it’s pretty good. Never crashes, very reliable. Surprised how fast orders fill. The only drawback is that it does not allow for custom indicators and that’s a drawback for me as I dabble with some indicators that aren’t the norm.

So as of now, I’m not using it. But I do highly endorse it.

Oorah Master Guns,

I’m just getting into MT4.
I have some experience programming in C and a Java from about 9 years ago (way before I joined the Corps). <Br><Br>

Do you know of any resources that can get me started with using an MT4?
How did you get started with MT4 <br><br>

S/F <br>

Metatrader 4 is available through a variety of retail brokers. I personally use ODL Securities and they offer the program.

you can start by downloading custom indicators made by others and dissecting them and figuring out how they work. with programming experience it shouldn’t be too tough to figure it out since programming languages more or less have the same syntax.

Okay Great Thanks Guys.


I’ve been trading on Forex for a while now but travel often. Instead of relying solely on software programs for specific mobile devices, I found that using a VPS is sometimes the best route to take. It’s important to ensure that the system and company you choose is well suited to your personalized financial objectives.

It is nice to have as a backup but i dont’ trade with it.

Based on personal experience and discussions with friends currently in the Forex market, MT4 applications have not always been compatible with their needs. This is especially true for people who travel internationally. Most traders don’t realize that VPS (Virtual Private Servers) that specialize in Forex trading services are available from any internet location. Worth considering for people here still using a simple application with their cellphone!

Hello guys,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you with the wonderful and helpful forum that you have got here. I’m not sure this is the right section to ask my question, but I am pretty sure you will understand. What I am looking for are software companies, developing mobile platforms. And more specific, software companies, that are developing MT4 for mobile devices. So far my search is not as fruitful as I thought, but hope you guys will help me. The only company, that I have found is Xogee Software Development.

Thank you very much for your help and time.

My best regards