MetaTrader or TradingView?

Hi there,

I’ve recently finished the BabyPips course and from it, it’s recommended to use MT4 (even has tutorials on how to install, setup, place orders, etc.).

After lurking around in the forums, I can see that most people are comfortable with MT4 and some people using MT5.

Before I knew about MetaTrader I’ve been using TradingView on my Mac and it’s very convenient because everything is on the web so I can use my charts and setups on Windows or Linux if I wished, and I don’t need to install anything else.

It seems like a no-brainer to me to use TradingView for chart analysis, am I missing something crucial with MetaTrader?

Thank you in advance!

why even must be important to you? what you want , charting or making cash


Of course we are all in the business of making money, and I think investing on the proper tools is crucial, especially if one tool works better for me than others.

I would rather spend my time learning one charting platform at the beginning, and if investing time on MT5 is counter-intuitive I would like to know why not, from the traders that use (or have used) both charting softwares.