Metatrader Scheduler


Is there a way to launch Metatrader instances every minute with a scheduler? I fear that I can close accidentally or system can do that.

I want an easy software which I can drag and drop lots of metatraders folder in my startup folder.

I do not want script. Instead of a script, I want a easy to use software which I can drag and drop lots of Metatraders softwares all at once.

Thank you.

Your idea will disturb trading, add terminal’s to start up with the system

I guess you misunderstood or I did not tell properly. Every minute software launch will trigger. But if the software is not closed nothing will be done. I mean it will not launch metatraders every minute - it will launch but if the software is open nothing will be done - It will launch only if the Metatraders are closed.If open nothing will be done.