Metatrader trade verification

metatrader or python/javascript to enter and close trades?

I have watched trades in mt4 close hundreds of points below current price.
i.e. trade closed at 30600 in the market posts to account as closing at 30405.


Can MT be manipulated to execute trade at different price (not slippage but execute every other buy @ CurrentPRICE - 300pips or every third trade execute sell @ CurrentPRICE + 300 pips)
What ways can broker manipulated MT4 execution and display ?

Can MT use one broker for data and another broker for execution of trades?

Can MT use broker data to verify execution data and NOT execute trade if execution data is different from price feed data by more than 25%.

example: MT receives data from broker X for price but places trade with broker Y. If broker X says price is 30600 and broker Y is 30404 then trade @ 30600 will not be executed.

Can MT enforce sell price? (MT will not sell if price does not match)