MetaTrader Writing Tutorials?


I’m new to this but I’m experienced in c++ and java (similar languages to MetaTrader’s scripting language).

I’m trying to find a good introduction to EA programming, but so far I haven’t found anything satisfactory.

I tried CodeGuru’s, but frankly those tutorials are full of errors and are virtually unreadable.

Does anyone have links?



I’m learning the MetaTrader script language too, its REALLY easy. I don’t have any links, I have been looking into other scripts & looking into their documentation. Do you have any specific questions, I should be able to answer them. Its a very simplistic language, just figure out how to draw lines for charts first (Index Buffers), then look at their functions for trading (SelectOrder, PlaceOrder, etc). Even when I download a “complex” EA’s I see it’s usually nothing more than 100 different conditions and a math equation… :slight_smile:


Hi Jeff,

Actually I was just having trouble with the whole idea of bars. Now that I have that down, everything makes a lot more sense ;).

One question, though:

I have a function like this:

int func( double& arr[] )
return 0;

But when I try to call it via:
func( Close );

The compiler yells at me :confused: (says something about a type mismatch even though the docs say Close is a double array). Could you help :smiley: ?


i am confused… so is the script language used for creating EAs and this separate from the APIs?