Is there anyway to get metarader to show you how much time is left before the next candle is due?

Ive seen this on chart screen grabs and im sure it is metatrader anybody know how you do this please?

would be useful for people like me who are at work etc

unless it can tell you down to the second, how much time is left, I think all you need is a global clock. I mean, if you’re looking at a 5 minute chart, you just have to wait every 5 minutes for a new candle right? I’m not really sure why you would need it to tell you how much time is left.

If you still need it, do a google search for EJ_CandleTime.ex4

You’ll need to put it in your \experts\indicators folder, restart your mt 4, double click on EJ_CandleTime in the custom indicator window and you should be all set.

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cheers mate,

Its just if i`m watching 4 hour candles, with the clock telling me how long before the next one (at work) i know when the roughly review the charts again.