Metatrader4 not processing requests?

I am trying to put a stop loss on an order in MT4 and the form just says “please wait” and it never processes the request. Does anyone know why it is having trouble processing the request?

I have also had problems with MT4 communicating with the servers a few times.

Is MT4 unrealiable sometimes or does this just happen with a demo account? or is there something I can do to fix this. My biggest fear with trading live at this point is having software that is unreliable in processing a request.

This is not normal. Contact the company you are demo testing with to figure out what’s going on.

Agreed something is wrong and I dont think it is with MT4. I would get your broker to fix it. Not sure who your broker is but most of them should be willing to help you even if the problem is your computer. I know I have had issues with certain charting programs due to my firewalls where it just would not communicate with the brokers severs. This could be your issue