Methods for Filtering EAs in Live Accounts

:pushpin: My Filtering Criteria:

  1. Live MyFXBOOK or MQL5 Performance:
  • EAs must have a verified track record on platforms like MyFXBOOK or MQL5.
  • Profitability is essential; we’ll focus on EAs with consistent gains.
  1. MT4 Backtests:
  • Backtests from 2003 to the present should demonstrate profitability.
  • Capital charts with an upward slope are preferred.
  1. Quantum Analyzer:
  • Monte Carlo analysis: Ensure that the drawdown (CL) at 95% confidence doesn’t significantly differ from the initial drawdown.
  • Equity chart analysis: Look for recent new highs.

:handshake: Collaboration: I’m excited to hear about your filtering methods! Please share your insights, experiences, and any additional criteria you consider. Let’s learn from each other and refine our strategies.

Sortino ratio must be viable.

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