Micrapip's 5k demo

So here is the new thread to track a more accurate 5K account.

Date 8/09/2007
Opening balance 5629.28
New balance 5646.90
Daily p/l 17.62
ROI 0.31%

All good to start:p

:smiley: Thanks again micrapip for posting you’re daily results. Im sure theres more then just me out there waiting on your replies.


yes true, i agree with james, keep up the good work bro, waiting for ur next results:D

I will do my best to post every day… but I’m on vacation for the next 2 weeks… Not going anywhere just day trips…

So where are you 2 from? I’m in toronto canada

micrapip, just pm’ed u :smiley:

Nottingham, England :slight_smile:

Well as you can guess the end of week one is kinda weak hehehe

Date 8/10/2007
Opening balance 5629.28
New balance 5782.35
Daily p/l 135.45
ROI 2.4%

Next week when I have 5 day’s to manage the account I think I should be able to pull off 5% ($289.10)

Have a great weekend all

As I stated earlier I’m on vacation so I will post my day 3-4 stats later this evening.

But it’s all looking good!!

this is day 3-4 combined…

Date 8/14/2007
Opening balance 5629.28
New balance 6094.10
Daily p/l 311.75
ROI 8.26%

not bad…