Microsoft Windows 8 Permissions for MetaTrader Scripts?

Has anyone seen this in the MetaTrader Experts log, before?

2016.05.09 02:33:54.573 Cannot call ‘Kernel32.dll::OpenFile’, DLL is not allowed

I was trying to run the QuickDeal script in a paper trading session. The script won’t run. I believe it’s due to a situation denoted in that error message. I’m fairly sure it may have something to do with the Microsoft Windows permission model in the operating system that the trading platform is running in- Microsoft Windows 8.1, in this instance. This issue occurs with MetaTrader 4, in that OS. I’m not sure how to well resolve it, though.

I don’t believe I’d like to ask if anyone would run MetaTrader with OS administrator permissions - that would be a too broad-brushed approach to the issue, and I’m not sure about trusting any of the scripts so far. Otherwise I’m not sure how to grant MetaTrader and/or that script an OS permission sufficient for the OS procedure.

I’ll research this more. Maybe someone has found a solution to the issue, already.

Looking at the dependencies list for the script, in MetaTrader, I’m not exactly sure why the script should need to call OpenFile, WriteFile, or InternetOpenW. I’ll take a closer look at the script, I think - no source code available.

I hope you’re able to find a solution for this issue. Good luck with your research!

That error message regarding ‘Kernel32.dll::OpenFile’ does suggest a restriction in the OS.

While running MetaTrader with administrator permissions might be a bit too broad, you could consider checking the script’s dependencies and see if there’s any way to tweak or modify them to work within the permissions framework.

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Hi :slight_smile:
Uuuuh…throw it away! It smells like SCAMSPAMspirit! No script should ever need a kernel.dll access! And don’t open or give MT administrator privileges! That’s not necessary!