Mid life crisis

Hello to all, my name is Chris.

I have been given an opportunity at the age of 31 to take my life in a different direction after a very eventful 10 years working in emergency medicine. I have worked very hard over the years with not much to show monetarily. So I am ready and hungry to be rich but more importantly I am ready to learn. I am humbled and grateful for my life to this point but it was not on my terms; now we start to create. I will be excited to interact with many of you on the forum and as always I sincerely wish your greatest dream come true.

Welcome to the site. Take the baby pips university course. Well worth your time.

I tell all new people this, so it must be getting old by now:

If you get really good at trading, the money will follow. Don’t focus on the money. Focus on being a really good trader and the money will follow.

It took a while to get your medical degree or certificate, right? Trust me, trading the financial markets is not much easier. With that said, you can learn to replace your medical income, and even more.

Best of luck on the charts, and don’t rush it.

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Hello Chris, welcome from an ex Floridian. I wonder, do you like working with and helping people? If so, trading is the absolute worst career choice for you. But I think you can still learn to trade and work full time. Oh by the way, you know 60 is the new mid life. Also, I thought I had a mid life crisis once, but Mrs Viper told me “No you are just a Dill Weed” and just like that it went away.

Being hungry to be rich is the absolute worst reason to trade, in fact in speaking one time to the Late Great Don Bright, he related to me that one of his best traders could barely carry a conversation, and traded because that’s about all he could do to make a decent living. So it really isn’t about being rich, most of the folks who I have run across that trade to be rich, end up badly. You know what, strike that, “all of the folks” instead of most.

To be successful at this you have to love it, I started papertrading when I was like 10 years old, circling different stocks in the newspaper etc and following them. Did the same in highschool, so for me, its been like forever. You have had something that many of us did not achieve till we were older, success, yup, and its good you are grateful, however how will you react, maybe five years from now, and you find yourself not able to get in synch with the market, and trade after trade goes negative, what will you do.

So, here is what I recommend, go through the BP school, its not med school or undergrad, but when you are done, you will understand a yuuuuuuuge amount about SpotCurrency trading. Read Alexander Elders Book trading for a living, also Perry Kaufman’s work on technical indicators. Read my VIPER COUCH area, if you want to check out what Brain Bugagboos and Mommie and Daddy issues can do to a traders brain.

When your done with this stuff, then it will be time to open an account, select a platform, broker, and git some sim trading done.

The Ever Methodical VIPER


Trade Viper thank you humbly for your insight and perspective perhaps i was a little melodramatic the other night lol. What i am looking for is a career in which i am completely self reliant, which i can practice and develop my own capacity for personal discipline and of course have the flexibility to enjoy my family. The money obviously i know will come with patience and diligence. I will certainly read the above mentioned books. I have made mostly through BP school and started a program “The daily trading system” which unfortunately is several years old. I do have questions about the expert indicators it provided being coded in MQL4 but perhaps this would not be the correct thread. I will certainly come sit and read on the viper couch and will be open to any further wisdom you can afford to give.

PS. My wife has told me similar things with the addition “cut your hair” to which i have also ignored :smile: :wink: Thank you again Happy to get started here


Thank you Steve, I absolutely take your advice into consideration. Good Luck out there too!!

Hi, I’m new here, and I’ve seen that everyone is very friendly and helpful so I would like to gradually integrate, according to this post I would like to know how you wish to get rich and what you would like to achieve with all the money of your dreams ? It is important that we have a goal and a longing established so that the path becomes clearer