Have EA but it is unfinished.

method works like this.

If price is above the middle of yesterdays High/Low then you enter Long.
If price is below the middle of yesterdays High/Low then you enter short.

My current version of this allows the choice of taking a reverse trade should the first trade be a loss.
It has a choice of moving stop to BE (Or plus a few pips) if your up a certian amount of pips
allows me to set the time to start the trade each day. and a time to stop trading each day
set fixed number of lots

What I would like to add to it is.
a trailing stop. I have a special trail idea I would like to try on this method.
a martingale type moneymanagement.

the method works its just dosnt move along to fast I think the martingale systme will help that part.

Is there any one here who can do this?

Good idea, sorry I can not help you in anyway besides moral support. You can do it and I hope someone can help you figure out this EA :slight_smile: