I have found that for GBPUSD…these 2 borkers has one of the lowest spread…3pips.
HOwever both of them have their pros and cons… hope to have feedback from those using LIVE account of either of them.

MIGfx-great customer service
- but bad reviews of requotes problem in forums scares me

ODLS-big company
- but customer service sucks great time…never reply a single of my email, i don’t even know if LIVE account users have one-to-one chat access???

Anybody with any experience of these 2 brokers? Thanks!

I have had 2 live accounts with MigFX moved one and still have one with them for the time being.

  1. Is their customer service never had an issue with that.
  2. There spreads are good.
  3. They widen of spreads I have only seen a additional 3pips added on major news announcements.
  4. There reqoutes, the number of them and the time delay it takes.
  5. The reponse time on news announcements. I have had pending orders hit there target on news anouncments. And have had to wait several minutes before I could manage my trade. which in several case I was in the profit the trade started to fall and hit my S/L. Never giving me the chance to close in the profit or brreak even. (Thats one of there biggest issues to me)
  6. And there multi account is very bare bones and does not allow the manager to use EA’s or Trailing stops.

I hope this helps.