Migrating to LUX Trading Firm

“Become a Career Trader (Fully Funded Accounts up to $ 10,000,000) Lux Trading Firm is a Trusted and well-known Prop Trading Firm.”

I shelved my live FX account to an aside while I attempt to qualify as a fully funded trader. This was after a three month rest from any trading. Now, I am geared up again to test my resurgence.

For a £149 returnable cost I need to pass two qualifying stages on demo accounts, before being thrown in to a $25,000 LIVE funded account. That’s okay with me as LUX has no time limits, and I’m in no hurry.

The FX platform is brokered out to Afterprime, and it only took me two days of shouting at my desktop before I found how to manage Web trading MT4 charts to my liking set up.

Also, tested a trade for a small opening loss, which opened the door to a challenge I
accept with open arms. This first stage means I need to make $1,500 profit before withdrawing $1,250.

I shall keep this forum updated.


how interesting!! - looking forward to that, and wishing you very well with it, Steve!

a huge advantage, of course

lol, rather you than i! you didn’t fancy TradingView, then, which Lux also offers? and presumably you’re aware of their consistency rule and how strictly they interpret it? but from everything else i’ve seen and heard about them, i had no other reservations about them at all, so words like “good choice,” and “interesting choice” come to mind, and i know you’ll have chosen carefully and wisely, anyway

wishing you very well with it and looking forward to hearing how it goes! :sunglasses:


I have been brought up on MT4 and then MT5 later for a number of years, and I’m pretty much familiar with the clean looking platform charts. My strategy has been built around MT5, and works with MT4 as well.

The broker firm LUX use is Afterprime - and I must say their open chat line is excellent. One guy provided their platform app that my Window’s desktop could accept.

As for Trading View I do use their free set up as a trading price action confirmation, but i would have to learn how the platform layout works. Actually, I suspect it offers as much, if not better than MT5.

Yes, LUX has loads of rules, which in my case, I trade very simply, and most would never affect me. However, they helped me all the way to start up, and again, very helpful with my queries.

So, now it’s down to me.