Million Dollar Indices Trading (Options and Futures)

Instrument : Germany DAX (Options and Futures)
Exchanges : EUREX

Starting : USD 100,000.00 (21st Jan 2016)
1st Top Up : USD 30,000.00 (3rd Feb 2016)
Return Feb: USD 6,532.00 (5.31%)

2nd Top Up : USD 870,000.00 (2nd March 2016)

Will update here on daily trading basis. I am using a Hong Kong broker, therefore all in Chinese.

ODAX = Options Dax
DAX = Futures

Latest update on today holding position. Having extreme volatility yesterday on Brussels Terrorism attack. Condolences for the victims family.

Not a great month I believe for me. Suffering almost 0.6% losses on Mini Dow March Contract. Left 5 trading days for European Zone Indices on March, don’t think so could hit my expectation of 2.7% growth this month. That’s the fact and trading have to accept this kind of scenario do happens.

Today update on holding position. It was a nice execution yesterday due to pretty high volatility. Today is the last day for EUREX this week, having holiday tomorrow and Monday. Will update again on Tuesday later.

Back for trading day today but still in Hong Kong today. Will be flying back to Shanghai on tomorrow evening after having my holiday here. Latest update on all of my position. Hopefully by next week will start to share another account that using IB as financial advisor, hence followers need not to see those Chinese words. LoL.

Latest update on my holding position. Yesterday didn’t update because quite busy flying back from Hong Kong to Shanghai.

Latest update on help position. NFP today, hopefully have some nice move later to look for some opportunities. Will update latest monthly statements later.

Latest update on my position holding. Yesterday out of office due to Public Holiday in China, so didn’t update my position. Will be updating my statement as well in a moment due yet to receives latest statement after March performance.

This is the latest update for March till April statement. Not as expected of 3.3% growth, but with 1.3% growth relatively healthy. Hopefully new quarter could bring more surprise to me. Will update latest held position later on.

Here are the latest position holding for today. Having pretty good weak I think with approximately 0.55% of growth so far. Tonight going for Unemployment and Super Mario speech, hopefully will have some nice opportunities.

Latest update on hand positions. A slump yesterday on indices after ECB, not a good performance yet. That’s the time patience should be kicking in on bad market scenario.

Latest of my position updates. Expiring end of this week for April contracts but basically many have done rollover.

Plenty position added on market open today for new May contract and this is the latest updated position. Having great yesterday with almost 0.5% growth. That’s quite happy to me even some people say 0.5% is just nothing.

Latest update on today position. Seems oil rebound after Saudi reached deal with Russia big affect on indices rose but not really got something here.

Lazy update on last couple of days. This is the latest position on pre market opening. Looking on worldwide indices gonna retraces after failure deal on Doha meeting and commodities hit. So far so good on the result but not as good as 1st week growth.

Relatively busy last few week because went holiday in Macau, so not much time to update. Will update a moment later with my account statement as well.

Here are the latest update on position. Too busy last week on vacation. Will update statement probably later after end of April.

Here is the latest update on today session position. Will update latest statement in a moment later.

Ok, here is the latest update on statement. So far up till yesterday, a growth of 3.97% approximately. Not a great month on April, wasted about 2 weeks time without profit advantage. Hopefully this month have more nice opportunity.

This is the latest update on today position. Added Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HSI) for a trial run this week. Working on the new strategies on HSI and hope it works well.

Latest update on held position today. Not much move yesterday, closing some position and opening some to wait for volatility coming in.