Mind Reader Trading System

Hai Traders,

First of all i’m very sorry if you found any Gramatical Error since english is not my mother tongue.
In this Thread I want to Share about my trading system.
Unfortunately i cannot guarantee all of you that my system will become your Holy Grail, But at least it works for me. any suggestion and comment will be great for me, since it will improve my system and strategy.

In this trading system i’m using below Elliot Wave (as the basic analysis for the chart) and i’m not using Elliot Wave directly as the entry or open order.
I’m using several indicators and tools below to help me make decision:

  • Trend line
  • Fib
  • Pattern
  • Indicator:
    *MACD (to check the power of the impulse)
    *Volume (to check investor entry and which side having more demand or supply)
    *Stochastic (to check divergent,oversold,overbought)

My trading strategy is very simple:
it is based on breakout and based on Fib retracement 0.50-0.618 and Fib extention 1.27 as Target

This is a sample of what i do before i enter the trade:

  1. I wil analyse the chart using volume and count the waves of elliot waves theory. as you can see the picture below showing the waves still can go down again and the volume for the Supply is higher than demand:

  2. I will make prediction by pattern and waves count, my prediction sometimes more than one. so if my prediction comes more than one, i usually not enter the trade in full position. usually i split into two entry order.
    1st prediction:

    2nd prediction:

    If this is out of my prediction than i will closed my trade or not entering the trade
  3. I’m using my own taking profit strategy (this is absolutely depend on the trader, whether he choose to become swing trader, intraday, or scalper) because each type of trader will have difference in how they take their stop loss or profit.

To be honest every system have it flaws and benefits. I’m not always right but I’m not always wrong either.
As long you have very strong trading basic and never give up on learning. than i do believe you will able to understand Elliot wave sooner or later.

I here i will share my chart analysis and not a signal.
to be honest, I only trade forex on MT4 (my trading platform) whenever i want and whenever i like.
Don’t get me Wrong. I Trade For living. But not Forex. I do export import business and often made mistakes when buying currencies. Thats why as the fund manager and the new generation in my family trading business. I Learn Elliot wave to help me making decision on buying currencies.

I think its enough and will be boring if i make my story any longer :):slight_smile:
I will share my analysis every week and will keep updated my thread if i have any interest in any currency chart.

Currently i’m interested in USDCAD,GBPJPY Chart:

Hopefully my analysis will help your trade.
Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Happy Week End

Good Morning Trader,

Today I will Share My simple trading plan about USDJPY. you can use your own strategy for this chart. For me, I prefer my Breakout Trading Strategy. it is safe me a lot from bad trades.

Below is the USDJPY chart:

Hope my system and chart analyse help you in your trading.
Trade Wisely & Good Luck

Hallo Trader,

Hope all of you doing great,
Today i will share my AUDUSD Elliot wave analysis.

I’m looking for short this pair using my breakout strategy, if you don’t know elliot wave and breakout strategy. Please learn from the Babypips first before following my Analysis.
Hope my chart analysis will help you.
Below is my analysis in 1HR and 15M.

Trade Wisely & Good Luck

GM Trader.

Update all my trades:

USDCAD Sell - Closed already Partial profit and Partial BEP
GBPJPY Sell - Adjusting the stop loss or you can take partial profit. it’s your call (18 Feb - Updated: Closed already with small couple pips profit)
AUDUSD Sell - Same condition like GBPJPY you can choose to adjust or you can choose to take partial profit. (18 Feb - Updated: same condition with GBPJPY)
USDJPY Sell - Still wait and see. (18 Feb - Updated: closed Already BEP)

I think thats all my trades this week. Tomorrow will considering what i need to do again before the news

Good Luck

GM traders

As this week market is not really on my side - i’m trying to look other possibility to invest my money on Gold in Short term.
Below is my analysis and why i’m choosing Gold (XAUUSD):

Hope you get something from my Analysis.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

GM Trader.

I think Wednesday i Closed my USDJPY trade:

This is the main reason why i choose to closed the trade before reach the profit target. It is not because i’m not consistent in my trade. I just trade with the market Mind. So if the market said go reverse, I will Follow them.
I always Trade What I see, Not What I think.
Below is my analysis:

It’s Look Like i will not jump into this trade since i will not on my trading desk today. But I will see later today.
Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hi Guys,

Please ignore My Chart analysis in XAUUSD 18 Feb. I also closed all pending order in this chart since the Chart shows nothing for me and it moves beyond my expectation.

I will not force any trade because i want to. but i will trade based on what i See.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hi guys Good Morning,

Today i will post my analysis of AUDCHF.

this time i will not enter full position since i have two prediction:
out of this tow prediction mean i’m not entering the trade or i will closed the trade even i’m at loss.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hi Guys,

Today I still put USDJPY and AUDCHF on my radar and still don’t have any intentions to change my mind about:
USDJPY Long trade breakout
and AUDCHF Short Trade Breakout.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

GM Traders,

Today I will add one more Trade setup into my radar. And I think this would be my last analysis this week since i have tons of work i need to do in my business.
AUDUSD trade Short setup using waves, channel and Advanced pattern:

Hopefully it can become good trading plan for all of us.
again, this is Only my Idea and Opinion, please feel free to share your own opinion.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hai Traders,

It looks like i just found interesting trade.
So i just open Long position aggressively.

Because i will not be able to open my trading platform during my business trip this week.
This trade containe High Risk Trade strategy.
So I will put stop loss accordingly and will apply set and forget trade plan.

Hopefully this will turn out good. I also put trailing stop in this trade. and i suggest you should do it too if you also entering this trade.

Good Luck Guys (I purposely did not write Trade Wisely, since this trade is not a wise trade in my opinion):stuck_out_tongue:

Hai Traders,

Bad Trade For GBPCHF (hit stop loss) - Thats what i got from being to aggresive.
But in the other hand the GBPJPY got profit as predicted (but i think i closed it to early).

Regarding the USDJPY 19feb post, i have slight changes in how i read the market, I already enter the position. I only changes the profit taking area and after taking profit will look for Sell opportunity.
Below is my analysis:

For AUDCHF 22feb post i’m still looking for another short opportunity, looks like this chart is not becoming head and shoulder but its become ABCDE and double top pattern. But i’m still looking for sell opportunity.

This is my next analysis GBPJPY, it could do another short term down and then goes up or it just goes up directly.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hai Traders,

Today i will post my analysis for XAUUSD short:

Volume shows more in supply
Advanced pattern formed already.
I will looking short opportunity on gold.

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hi Traders,

I put my radar on EURGBP pair since it is already forming Bat pattern, So i will looking opportunity to short.

Trade wisely and Good luck

Hi Traders,

There is 2 trades that i will keep in my trading radar this month:
EURJPY - I still see there is possibility to the downside one more time but keep looking opportunity to Buy.

CADJPY - A lot of reason to short this pair.
Volume shows more supply than demand.
Elliot shows will be the end of the consolidation
Pattern shows bat pattern

Trade wisely and Good Luck

Hi Traders.

Just updated my trade on XAUUSD - Just hit SL for BEP. first thing to do is adjust my stop loss to BEP when the price hit trend line. no good trade in this march.

Hi traders,

After check another possible trade.
just found out that USOIL have good opportunity for sell and buy.
Below is my analysis:

Trade Wisely and Good Luck

Hi Traders,

Looks like CADCHF corrective structure will end and will continue the downtrend.
Bat pattern will formed
it will hit the trend line
if stoch making divergent when hit the pattern.
more than a reason to short this pair.

Thats all for this week analysis.
Good Luck and Trade wisely

Hai Traders,

Today would like to share about double top 0.618 strategy. this is one of several pattern that i will keep an eye on.
I will Sell The breakout of this pattern. no breakout no sell.

Good Luck and Trade Wisely

Hi traders,

Just update you that I already enter CADJPY (2nd of march 2016 idea). just yesterday my trade was trigered, it tooks more than 10 days to patiently waiting for this trade. so my target still 38.2 and 61.8 fib from A leg to D leg retracement. Hopefully it will hit my TP in short amount of time.

My GBPCHF trade idea above is doing so so. i already enter this trade about 10 days ago and i’m still in the trade for this 2.618 strategy. will wait and see. and will let you know if i close this trade.

Good luck and Trade Wisely