Minesh Bhindi Gold/Silver Options Cashflow strategy

Has anyone come across Minesh Bhindi and his generating cashflow out of Gold and Silver via Options trading? I got sent a an email about it from my brother and told him I will research.

I been trying to working out if this system is a scam or just a legit but a regurgitated options strategy.

I believe he is just rehashing well known options trading strategies on the back on gold/silver hype thats been in the market and charging thousands for the privilege.

His website is perfectportfoliollc
He is also on youtube just search for Minesh Bhindi

Any thoughts or direct experience of welcomed.


Ca$h For Life: Compound Your Way To Financial Freedom
I attended one of his seminars back in 2008. As I recall he and his father had been successful in making income from selling covered call options, and at the time he was recommending to use the cash flow from the covered call options to invest in residential let property to further compound the cash flow.

I found his presentation professional but at the time I could not get my head around calculating how to identify a good or a bad covered call option. After studying Forex market in 2010/2011, I could understand a little better. I would not describe his wares as a scam. At worst he may be economical with the truth, and that is reminiscent of about 80% of the property gurus around that same time after property prices had tripled between 1998 and 2006. Caveat emptor.

Thanks. Thats makes it more clearer.
I also came across a legal lawsuit he had to face in US after Minesh and his dad were caught plagiarising material by copy and paster from another course.
I also I find it highly suspect he has shutdown his companies several times since 2008 and is using his middle initial name in companies house records

Recently as
BHIINDI, Minesh Ac appointed in 2020

Originally as
Bhindi, Minesh

Notice the extra i in recent name.

People only
do this to hide something.

His current company website Perfect Porfolio LLC

perfectportfolioLLC I could not find on companies house UK, but I did find a company called

PP Success Ltd
Previously trading as
PP Success Training Ltd

I guess the PP is abbreviation for Perfect Portfolio . I was wondering why the LLC. Is this not what lawfirms in US use?
So I found a a youtube video on his Minesh Bhindi youtube channel were someone asked him why LLC ?
He replied its to give the company an air of respectability or some words to that affect.

I dont think he is a outright scammer as such
but all this “hiding” and constantly changing company names is a big wanting sign
They are selling a options trading strategy that does not work in all markets.
I came across system by NoHypeInvest who I found advertising on DavidIcke website
of all places.

LOL. Did they change their name to Lizard investments? That David Icke is a handful, isn’t he?