Mini account and The Cowabunga System

I am a newbie who has read a lot of books and ready to wet my toes. I was wondering if you think I could be profitable using a mini account with OANDA with about $500 to start using the cowabunga system just to get a taste. What would your suggestions be if any for an alternative broker and or system?

Well that depends, u should probably demo it first. Believe me when u start trading it is not as easy as the books may make it seem. I’m talking from a psychological point of view. Cuz when ur emotions come into play it is tough. Plus with demo you can get used to the platform as well. If you already have demoed it, and it works then I would probably say to add a little more capital. It’s not easy to stay in the game when ur system may have a losing period. All the best.

Shadow has it right for once (just kidding). Demo first, and treat that demo like it is real money. Open a demo with a $500.oo balance and dont go live until you have atleast double it or have 3 months of profits, which ever comes second.