Been demo trading for approx. 6 months eur/us and getting ready for live trading as method seems to be working as it usually does when in demo mode ( emotions I guess as verses live trading) The original plan was to start off with the mini and trade real small lots , but am a little concerned as to how liquid the market is for offsetting the positions by entering into small trade sized lots. Would they be as liquid as the regular forex . Also is 100,000 lot size considered to be the standard size or am I thinking the wrong way on that part.
Any comments very much appreciated thx.

I would assume that any lot size is as liquid as the next. And you are correct in thinking that the 100,000 is considered ‘standard’.

I trade with OandA…all trade sizes are treated equally the same…in my opinion, this is the best broker for any size trader. And Ive been with many brokers.

Good luck with the live trade migration from demo trading…Be sure to drop in and let us know how you did…and any tips you could give for others wanting to go from demo trading to live trading;)

Me too. I’m finally considering trading 5 mini lots (half of std lot) to be able to use larger time frame.