Mirror Trading - FOREX from amateur to pro

Hy everyone.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Erol Ismail, 37yrs old, I’m a former maritime Captain, recently from about 20 months ago I started to trade with positive results, I can say, since I am only trading now for living.

I’ve created an account and deposited it with $1,000. This account it’s connected to Legendary FX to trade in MIRROR with the Master account.

Connected on 11.05.2020 , ballance today 28.05.2020 -> $1,144 , profit $144/14.4%
Time for a screen-shot :slight_smile:

May i know some point of views from your side regardig this type of trading, the mirror trading, please?
Seems like in this way I’m right from amateur to a real professional trader, thank you!
Your answers will be fully apreciated.

Post Scriptum: Let’s not forget about the Allmighty power of Trading, a profit of @ 10% per month is a God-like profit, i am aiming the 5 years FOREX chain reaction going step by step with Legendary FX

I dont know about this copier business. I read somewhere most of these people only bank the winners and the losers are left open. So it sounds good but when you copy you blow your account.

You’re not a professional trader because of a copier system lets get that right off the bat. Your copying a system which is fine but you don’t know what triggers the systems entries/exits. What happens when you have a bunch of losing trades? Will you get frustrated and look for another holy grail system or what?


where do you live

Agree with you partially.
But, $1.000 is a ballance which I can afford to lose it, however, all of us we got let’s say a rolemodel.
I belive it can aply in trading too, only that in this business the succes is reflecting in profit, moreover, all the trading strategies they can be even discovered and perhaps even the big traders they are allways in search for new methods and so on “borowed” from another traders.

Holly grail does not exists, all of us we are exposed to tremenduous profits or to big losses.

I’ll be keepting you updated

The bigest thing that the forex will teach you is how to invest your money and i consider all ok if the profit sharing aplies only from profit.

Sorry Captain, but what you are not telling to this people, that your master, owner of the strategy, already lost 3-4 times full bankrolls and wiped hundreds of thousands dollars accounts. His strategy is to hook you up, make hundreds of microtranzactions, get the commission and God help. So far he closed 2 Zulu Trade accounts with a lot of followers, bankrupting all. So wish you “back wind” sailor, you are zero like a trader, you are a mindless follower.

A little bit to nasty your comment bearing in mind that you are adressing to a Captain.

Legendary FX came back, redeposited on 3rd of June and have doubled already on 8th of July.
Now we can say that we are even. Going on, let’t talk the FOREX language.

I’ll be keeping you updated.
Like the LFX use the trend to growup another money, in the same way a Captain knows how to sail using the wind.

As for LegendartWho, the message is touche! As long as you can not trade, the FOREX in only a pantomime 4u.

Let’s respect eachothers as traders, the only way to get into a contest is to trade at least 1 dollar.

Hi everyone!

Is anyone who did not ever failed? Trading is reserved only for tough persons.
On 8th of june i restarted to follow LFX after my first deposit was lost. No prob! I’m here now once again

The came-back was like a blitz! In only 5 weeks (3rd of June - 8th of July).

Go, go, go LFX!

Sounds to me like he’s shilling this LFX. :woman_shrugging:


I am wondering why sometime, some of us, totally reject the ideea of copy-trading.

Let’s be honest, world wide billions of dollars are being invested by regular persons or even traders at professional trader offices.

So why not? Copy-trading is @ investing almost in the same way.