MM vs EA

People that has very little time or knowledge to trade usually use a money manager service or utilizing an EA, the question is if you are too busy or too stupid but still want to make money from Forex which method do you prefer???

i would go with a money manager with a proven track record. nice and simple. :slight_smile:

I would agree with the MM. You might pay more, but I’d rather have a guy behind the scenes than a source code that could grow outdated.

An EA can have a few variables so giving it has a good performance with one person usually the owner, that doesn’t mean to say you will replicate the same results. Saying that it is affordable and can be a good investment.

A MM should be able to provide you with their track record. If you are happy with the performance, in particular their drawdowns which some clients find hard to take then you may be better using them. Don’t expect amazing returns as they do need to take a profit for themselves.

Good luck

I’d rather go the casino

Simple and straight forward… Can you hold an Expert Adviser System accountable should things go wrong? Well, I have seen scenarios where money managers are sued, especially when their is a pre-agreement on a fixed rate of return. As such, I would go for a Money manager, ensure the terms are good and most of all, make sure it is a person with an impressive track record, with no dirt around him/her.

Okay, so the answer is MM?

I think ,EA much be better. because you can take a profit for yourself.

Good point. I agree.

Good point, too. I agree too.

Now I can’t decide which one is better.

You’re just focusing on profit…start making money first and then chose, that a lone will take you a long time.

I would assume you meant start focusing on the "process"and the strategy rather than the money.

To make money, or profit as I put it would require a strategy and a “process”, I didn’t realise I had to explain the obvious.

Speaking of making money. Have you made any money yet? How is the " website" coming along? Or are you still stuck “yachting” up to this days?

Well that’s very kind of you to ask such a question. Yes I have made money, and yes my website is looking great thank you. Hoping to get it off the ground early next year actually. Yachting was also great fun, I’m off to Croatia on Wednesday for 10 days to meet up with the crew for an out of season party. But that’s ok, I knew your question was in sarcasm.

I think money managed by fund managers is a better option, in EA you have to fine tune it, which is very hard.

EAs dont work in the long run, the EA that is going to make you rich has not been invented and probably never will. Fund Manager rely on the person making the decisions, a bit like finding a great stock broker, so still hit and miss! If i had money i was happy to “write off” if it was all lost i would go with the money manager

As I now, there is money management in EA too but if you don’t know its setting so it is possible that you are running it without enough knowledge when is the right time to run it. I think we shouldn’t compare MM and EA but we should compare EA and manual trading. If you had proper money management then it is still possible to take over the EA so EA is not working 100% automatic trading when you want to make analysis too.

East or West, you may still want to take the long and unfriendly route of becoming an expert yourself rather than the shortcut that is likely to lead you into a jungle of hungry Hyenas. But the bottom line is that if you really must take the shortcut, then MM is far much better than EA.

EA’s are not a solution for long term return from forex market. A good money manager how ever is good as he might be a human with good experience of trading.

For any number of options, i’d say not to use EA. Trends may change not according to programmed variables and, most importantly, when the acct blows up, you can’t speak high tone to EA :smiley: