Mobile Apps for checking cryptocurrency

I use blockfolio for my portfolio and HODL to check the coins I’m monitoring. Just wondering if there are better apps. What apps do you use for tracking your portfolio or all the coins and why do you like it?

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blockfolio is the best for portfolio.
But check application, It has more features like news, analysis and etc.

Thanks @DeftPlanner! Downloading it now. :blush:

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Thanks!! Downloading HODL and on Android now. I took me a while to get used to Blockfolio but I’m loving it now.

I like HODL for its simplicity but ability to give you the essentials. You can also put the same coins then change the broker so that you could compare the different prices of brokers or let’s say you have the same coin in different brokers.

I thought you could do that in Blockfolio. It lets you add a coin with the different broker, but I can’t find it after I saved it.

You’re right about the Hodl, it’s very simple and functional. :slight_smile: