Mobile trading(HP-iPAQrw6815)

can anyone be so kind as to tell me why i cannot successfully download the mobile trading software for my fone(HP-iPAQrw6815) from My fone is a PDA, windows mobile 5.0 and has the requirements, BUT my fone(PC) always gives a feedback saying that “the software i’m trying to download is not applicable to my fone”. Even when i successfully download it does’nt open. What do i do? I’ve contacted northfiance and they cannot solve my problem yet.


Hello, I had the same problem. After a sertain time I just gave up and switched to Mobile Trading System Best Forex IB

Hello Mike,
thank u so much, i’ll follow it up, although i do not know what iBForex is all about.

Hello sir,
i tried sending an email to BestForex Ib and it would’nt go.I used <> & <> and they bounced back.I would have called but i prefer contacts with emails.WHAT DO I DO?

Hello, but does ForexIB allow people to demo trade first since they said there paltform is free fot their clients only? Also, how do i know they have my indicators(MACD,SAR and moving averages. How does their platform operate compared tpo MT$ and the likes? Thanks

you are welome!
If you are going to have any downloading problems. Let me know on my e-mail.
I have the instruction from their customer support.
Good luck,

I am not sure why your massages bounced back but I know they have live chat and <> e-mail.