Mobile trading

can anyone help me find out whether my fone HP-iPAQrw6815, windows mobile 5.0 is a microsoft pc 2002 or 2003 or 2005? The manual of the fone does not have that specific information. And i need that information inorder to manually configurate my fone-talking about GPRS activation. I’m asking this question because i want to trade with my fone. thanks


Best to give the maker of your phone a phone call and ask them specific questions. I had some problems with my Cingular 8125, gave them a call, and had it all taken care of in no time.

But, be careful trading strictly off your cell. Call drops can be a bumber. And then, to discover you’re out of range for a signal. Can leave you in a tough spot. Make sure to keep your Broker’s phone number close at hand, in case you need to track down a pay phone, as I did once.

hi, thanks a great deal.