Mobile trading

guys im seeking to improve my approach to forex.i feel comfortable with these setups.i welcome you to my mobile system

all are apply to closed and weighted

lagging indi for trend, support line
MA 21-red /MA 55- blue /ma 233 yellow

leading indi for signal trigger

stoch k-8 d-5 slow -3 /main blue/signal - red
rsi 13 blue 21 red
cci 34 blue 55 red

ao - used to be macd.i just need the volume and slope

cross over system ( it every where on the net)
i prefer buy as long as new candle open above ma 21,
sell as long as new candle open below ma 21

ma crossing provide the trend,as long as ma 21is above MA 55,its buy,minor retraces are at are at MA 55 (i used it as TP if im countering the trend)

MA crossings are my key snr. dynamic snr are the MA lines.

the triggers (leading indi)

  1. confirm the trend (buy for example - new candle above ma 21)
  2. leading are crossed and exit OS levels
    stoch - 20/rsi 30/cci -150@-250
  3. ao slope are creating sourcers slope

basically i just follow the red lines.main chart moving up,i check for entry on leading indi.

hope to improve the performance by discussion

you mean by mobile is the system can be run just by using our mobile phone?that sounds awesome but is it good?

Moving average crossover trading strategies are always helpful in making few pips on confirmed and consistent basis. It would have been more helpful if you could share the chart image for better exlanation.