Momentum Based Manual Trading by TheSufiTrader

I’ve been trying out this new momentum-based trading strategy for a month now. So far, my performance has been very good. My initial deposit (equity) was $310 and as of now, my equity is at $1,575. This is about a 500% increase in equity after a month. I am quite aggressive in my lot sizing and traded at 0.1 lot size from the beginning. This week, I’ve increased my lot size to 0.2.

Here’s my account’s MyFXBook link for verification. :slight_smile:

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Your monthly drawdown is over 30%!!! And below it says drawdown 100%?!?! What’s going on?

I honestly don’t know why the data shown is like that. It looks even worse when you view it on CTrader Copy. There it shows my all-time ROI is at -31% while also showing that my net profit is $1,272 which is equal to 400% of my starting equity of $310.

Screenshot 1 shows my closed positions and realized profit yesterday (August 25, 2020)

Screenshot 2 shows my current open positions (August 26, 2020)

I’ve closed a couple of my profitable positions for a realized profit of $173 so far today.