Momentum, volume and volatility

Might sound like a stupid question :o but…

What is the difference between the three?

How is each determined and can anyone tell me the definitions?


Volume is volume of trades. In exchange-based markets, discrete information about the quantity of trades over delta t is available. In forex, however, one relies on price ticks per delta t.

Momentum is rather subjective. In my case, I view momentum as how the bullish moves compare to the bearish moves. If one side is bigger than the other, the momentum is “heavier” towards one side.

Volatility is a measure of price displacement over delta t. I guess you can also call it speed, as volatility does not tell you exactly where price is going or if it is even going anywhere, for that matter. ATR is a good measure of volatility and you’ll notice that it changes throughout the day as sessions begin and end.

What is ATR?
How can i view it?

ATR is Average True Range.

It’s an indicator.
If you are using MT4, it’s in the ‘oscillator’ category.

What these words mean in english is what they mean in forex.