MomentumTradeWA Video Journal!

Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are reading from! :slight_smile:

I would just like to start off with hoping that everyone is staying safe in these days and that everyone has still managed to keep their jobs or able to put food on their tables in these challenging times.

Lets get straight to the point.
MomentumTradeWA is based in Perth, Australia.
We are a community of traders, from beginners to seasoned. My job as the admin of this group is to update everyone in the chat of daily market movements as well as to help out with any questions and so on. So if you’re based in Australia or even anywhere in the world and want get in touch with us or join the chat, then don’t hesitate to contact me!
We have decided to start weekly video analysis of all the major pairs, the video will approximately last 10 mins, so short and sweet for the busy people out there!
These videos will be posted every Thursday, which means I will be posting our first video tomorrow!
We look forward to you tuning in!

Again, if there is questions you would like to ask, then fire away!
As always, keep the risk managed :smiley:

Here is my first installment of the new video!

Please visit MomentumTradeWA on youtube to check out the latest video.

I hope you guys enjoy the content.

As always, keep the risk managed.
Cheers :smiley:

Hey mate,

Currently based in Melbourne, keen to get involved.

Hey bud, sorry for the late reply. Are you looking to get involved in the chat?

Decided to post daily screenshots of the trades I will be looking at for the next coming sessions!

We have a potentially good setups this morning.

Which is the AUDUSD and the USDCAD

Bullish momentum on the AUDUSD, which tells me more bullish movement to come.

If you have any questions on how I look at the market, dont be afraid to ask questions! :slight_smile:

As always, keep the risk managed!

Yeah that would be great, currently trying to just take in as much info as possible so any tips I can get from you guys would be great.

I tried giving you the link to our page but for some reason it got flagged :confused:

USDCAD has shown some strong potential for a continuation of a bearish move due the last sessions impulse.
We will be watching this closely!

Any updates? :slightly_smiling_face: I have been watching your journal for a while, very interesting. So interesting that I decided to try the same thing and first of all I’m thinking about organizational issue. I am talking about filming this as a video on youtube. I don’t even know how to find audience/followers and can’t decide on the program to use for screen recording. I found Movavi Blog and their software. Is it good? Has anyone tried it?