Monday, October 12 -- U.S. and Canadian bank holidays

Today (Monday) is the [B]Columbus Day holiday in the U.S.,[/B] and [B]Thanksgiving Day in Canada.[/B]

Banks in both countries will be closed today.

If past years can be relied upon as a guide, the USD/CAD will probably trade in a very tight range today on reduced volume. However, the other major USD pairs will probably exhibit normal ranges on only slightly reduced volume.

Here is a chart showing the EUR/USD at this time last year.

In 2014, U.S. Columbus Day / Canadian Thanksgiving fell on Monday, October 13. The chart shows a normal trading range for the day, despite the fact that U.S. banks were closed.

With the possible exception of the USD/CAD, today should be a pretty normal Monday.

Cool! Thanks for sharing your observations.