Just curious, how do you handle and treat trading on Mondays? Is it just another day for you? Or do you avoid it and let Tuesday start your trading schedule for the week?

After reviewing my live trades over the weekend I’ve statistically had most of my losing trades on Monday (and briefly on Sunday). I have no problem meeting my daily (pip) goals on Tues/Weds/Thurs/Fri, it might be more beneficial for me to only trade on those days.

This depends on your trading style/strategy/system. I personally don’t trade fundamentals, so Monday is just another day on my charts…same as Friday (some people don’t like keeping trades open over the weekend). I assume that you trade higher time frames as I do, but I don’t have problems trading on Mondays or keeping my trades open over the weekend because my system and money management allow me to do so. Make sure you test your system first…leave your journal open for some time, record your trades, make screenshots and, after some time, you will see if this bothers you… :wink: