Mondeoman’s Request to support a friend in their defence of freedom of speech in the UK courts

Hi Babypips members.

What am I asking that you do?

If you have felt that you have been a beneficial recipient of my contribution posts to this (free to join) forum over the past two years, I am asking that you acknowledge my contribution by reading my request below and consider contributing to Vanessa’s CrowdJustice cause, with a donation no matter how small.
Please know that I have checked with forum Administrators before posting this request, and they have given me their blessing to make this post.

My passion for contributing to the Babypips forum should be obvious to most members who have been here for more than a week. My forum usage statistics are:

Read time 10 days (240 hours or the equivalent of six working weeks)
Posts read: 22,900
Posts created 1,500
Likes received 1,400

I care a lot about ensuring that people seeking knowledge are not misdirected, scammed or otherwise taken advantage of. On the subject of Trading, I believe Babypips forum is the best venue that I can use in sharing my investment and trading knowledge with those who have an interest, and many of you will have observed that I fiercely challenge any new member who I feel has an intent to direct new members away from the free source of information provided on this forum (eg “join my telegram group”, or “send me a private message”). That inevitably leads to some form of payment mechanism for a course, or private tutoring or another service or product that the new member may be not best advised to follow. Such attempts at misdirection are normally followed by unrealistic promises such as “secrets to becoming wealthy and of having a rich person’s lifestyle, in particular without putting any work in to get there”. It is the same as the effort I previously put into a property forum a decade ago (a free membership forum similar to Babypips), created by two friends I have known over the years who I know care about the same issues and support that on their forum with passion.

My friend, Vanessa, is being sued by an individual, not because she has made any direct accusations against the individual but because “she dared to host a forum on which many of the members complained about being promised what was not delivered. In one particular case a young man committed suicide after following the individual’s course and getting into debt from which he could not recover. I was particularly saddened by this, so decided to make a personal contribution to Vanessa’s CrowdJustice case. Vanessa cannot afford to defend herself against the individual who is suing her, and if she can’t pay solicitor to represent her case, the outcome is likely to be life-impacting.

You can read about the details of this court case on the link provided below. Please follow this link. If you feel that freedom of speech is one of the most important things in our democratic society, please consider making a donation. I have no business association with Vanessa or her partner, nor do I have any gain to make from this request other than to know that there are others out there that share my passion to help somebody in genuine need of help.

Thanks and regards, Gerry (Mondeoman)

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